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Responsible Fishing


The 1992 Code of Conduct for responsible fisheries published by the FAO is the governing standard for sustainable fisheries worldwide.  It is widely implemented as a basis for international fishery management policy and relied on as the index of reference by independent certifiers such as the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

The primary conditions for a sustainable fishery, the standards for responsible practises that prevent overexploitation as outlined by the code, are firmly established in the Falkland's own approach to fisheries management and are enshrined by national legislation.  Falklands Fisheries law explicitly provides for the Director of Fisheries to vary management measures for any stocks to ensure sustainability.

Fao conditions for a responsible fishery:

  • Scientific robustness

  • Long term rights based fishing

  • Transparency of fisheries policy

  • Enforcement capability

  • Limitations on fishing capacities

  • No subsidies

Independent Recognition

The sustainability credentials of the Falkland Islands fishery are independantly recognised in leading scientific journal Plos Biology. Management Effectiveness of the World's Marine Fisheries is freely available online from  

The 1992 Code of Conduct for responsible fisheries published by the Food and Agriculture Organisation can be downloaded here.


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