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Traceability - Origin Falklands

Conscientious fish buyers make pro-active purchasing decisions and want to be sure that the fish really does come from the location claimed in the marketing. Fraudulent claims with respect to product origin is one of the reasons that there are legal requirements in the both the United States and the European Union for seafood operators to maintain traceability systems. 

These auditable paper-based systems are essentially a set of records demonstrating the movement of fish. All fish suppliers should be able to prove the origin as well as providing more detailed catching information but in reality the complex links between harvesting and consumption as the fish is re-packaged from bulk to retail mean by the time it reaches the fish counter judging the provenance with certainty can be complicated.

A fishing company like Fortuna selling once-frozen fish caught by its own vessels can provide enhanced transparency in the supply chain. 

Customers can also buy Origin Falklands safe in the knowledge that its provenance has been independently verified during the import procedure. Before a single fish can be dispatched local government inspectors at destination will visit to check the origin of each and every consignment newly arrived from the fishing ground and verify that the fish can be traced back to the fishing boat. In addition to the catching area, the inspections investigate the identity of the fishing boat, the date of capture, as well as the identity of the species so customers can be absolutely certain that the information supplied with the delivery is accurate.


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