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Falkland's fish and squid fall into three ecological groups: pelagic, benthopelagic and demersal. The differences in the natural behaviour of each group have an effect on the characteristics of the meat that we can expect to experience.

Pelagic: Patagonian Hoki, Southern Blue Whiting, Illex squid
Benthopelagic: Hake, Toothfish, Patagonian Rock Cod, Patagonian squid
Demersal: Kingclip, Red Cod

Pelagic species of Falkland's fish swim thousands of miles throughout the Southern and Atlantic Oceans, a feat of endurance which requires a good supply of energy in the form of oil that is evident in darker fat storing flesh and slightly oily taste while the relatively indolent life of demersal fish produces the brilliantly white and firm chunky flesh that we all, as seafood consumers, enjoy.

Patagonian squid

Patagonian squid

Loligo Patagonica/ Loligo gahi

Falklands' squid is naturally thick and tender, with a substantial bite and sweet flavour. It is a staple ingredient in gourmet dishes of the world's finest seafood restaurants and is appreciated in commercial kitchens as an excellent all-rounder because its naturally small size is ideal for the full range of applications from a perfect plate-sized serving of whole squid to its most common presentation; fried calamari rings and tentacles.   

The winning combination of thick tender flesh and small mantle size that account for its popularity in is a result of the squid's lifestyle, in particular the proximity to mineral-rich plankton swept up close to the nursery grounds by the island's water currents.