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The Fortuna fleet of factory stern trawlers range in size from 48 to 92 m. The company's longliners are designed for operation in extreme Antarctic weather conditions and are the most modern vessels of their type in the fishing world.

The deep-water squid trawlers target Loligo Patagonica during two 2-month seasons of the year, the first, the summer season ending in April and the second, the winter season ending in September. The company's finfish trawler harvests Hakes and other southern species of whitefish throughout the year and is joined in the fishery by the squid boats at the end of the Loligo seasons. MSC Chilean seabass is longlined in deep water around Antarctica and offloaded in February and August.

Catches are processed on board the vessel's factories and deep frozen within hours of capture. Patagonian squid is re-processed in onshore plants.

Frozen cargo is transhipped in Stanley into container and reefer vessels for ocean transport to ports around the world.


Patagonian Hake
Red Cod
Patagonian Red Fish
Falkland Herring
Southern Blue Whiting