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Seafrozen Quality

Seafood chefs agree that good seafrozen fish is very difficult to distinguish from day-fresh fish and as busy professionals they prefer the reliability of seafrozen product.  More often than not it is the highest quality available.

To preserve the day-fresh qualities each fish is cleaned and deep frozen onboard immediately after capture to a temperature of -30oC using the best freezing technologies, techniques and packaging available in the frozen food industry. Optimal freezing when the fish is in top condition – sealing in the prime flavour, flesh colour, texture and nutritional value – is essential for the production of high quality frozen seafood.

Close co-operation with logistics providers in the Islands and across Europe specializing in handling frozen fishery products and strict EU approved sanitary controls combine to ensure a firm focus on preservation and hygiene from the moment of capture right through to ocean transportation and road delivery.


Patagonian Hake
Red Cod
Patagonian Red Fish
Falkland Herring
Southern Blue Whiting