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The Falkland Island's Fishery Department (FIFD) has the power to enforce strict regulations to protect the resource and the surrounding environment.  Enforcement is properly resourced.  Inspections are carried out at sea and ashore by officers of the Fisheries Department.  Regulation of the fishery is robust and ensures the highest standards of environmental sustainability.  

Quota restrictions are enforced by limiting the number of days that vessels are permitted to be physically present in the fishing grounds which is verified by fleet-wide vessel monitoring system (VMS).   

Compliance with conservation measures is verified by on-board observers and at-sea inspections carried out by fisheries officers stationed on the fisheries patrol vessel.  Aerial surveillance is also a part of the fisheries enforcement regime.  

An electronic catch monitoring system is in operation requiring skippers to submit daily catch and landing reports.  Physical catch surveillance is used as needed.

Violations are punishable by fines, forfeiture of quota and vessels, and even prison. 


Patagonian Hake
Red Cod
Patagonian Red Fish
Falkland Herring
Southern Blue Whiting